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Lead Us Not Into Temptation

The lure of government financial aid can be very tempting to cash-strapped sectarian educational institutions. The sad fact is that many church-affiliated...

No Right is an Island

No Right is an Island By Alan J. Reinach Post-September 11 polls show that Americans are all too willing to trade freedom for security. But what...

Down the Rabbit Hole

One man's descent into the black hole of intolerance.

The 10-Foot Pole

Early last year Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky, received a call from a press agency. The caller wanted someone in the...

Tis the Season

By the People By Lincoln E. Steed A cold Christmas we had of it; what with plummeting economic indicators, spreading unemployment, tears to...

Bringing God to the Pentagon

Bringing God to the Pentagon By Bill Broome Bill Broome was at ground zero the day the Pentagon. was attacked. He works in the Personnel...

Faith in Action

Faith in Action By Dick Stenbakken Just how do military requirements and religious responsibility fit together? How does someone with deeply held...

Family Matters

The home was not notorious in the community as an abusive one. In, fact, the family-members of a conservative Christian group called the Church of God,...

Liberty Versus Terror

Voices cry out from newspaper editorials and TV and radio talk shows daily-demanding what most of us took for granted prior to September l1, 200l-the...

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