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Conscientious Objections

Even in peacetime conscientious objectors to war are often labeled as unpatriotic. In times of war they are called cowards, traitors, or worse. But in good times and bad, in peace and even during war, we must protect the rights of people whose honest be

Professional Patriotism

In every mob there are those craven folk who would never dare alone to attack a victim. They are the ones who make the loudest noise, who talk the most about their bravery. Courage—real courage—is apt to be calm. The one who shouts and gesticu

Unlawful Assembly

A Christian family living in the Soviet Union sometime in the mid-twentieth century gathers with a few close friends to take part in an illicit activity—Bible study and prayer. The door bursts open, and the KGB storms in. The frightened group is her

Respect in the Workplace

Many religious persons at some point in their working life encounter a conflict between a requirement of their job and their religious conscience. Employers sensitive to the religious convictions of their employees often make an effort to alter the job r


Where we will be when you read these words I cannot quite say. It was not lightly that we chose to banner "war and peace" on the cover of this issue. Of course that bannering relates to the personal moral dilemma faith and patriotism can create in times o

War And Peace

War talk is fashionable again in America. President Bush has alerted the nation that he intends to be rid of Iraq as an irritant in the Near East. Congress has endorsed that intent. Armaments are stockpiled in the region.

Amish v. State

or more than 300 years the Amish, also referred to in this country as the Old Order Amish or "Plain People," have practiced a way of life that revolves around their deeply held religious beliefs. Believing in a literal interpretation of the Bible, these i

Narrowing the Spectrum

One would have thought that the modern university campus would be open to differences of opinion and critical thinking. However, Cynthia Maughan, an English graduate student at the University of British Columbia (UBC), fears that the modern university may

Breakdown of the Wall

While the Christian Coalition correctly argues that the phrase "wall of separation between Church and State" nowhere appears in the U.S. Constitution, our Constitution does contain these words: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of re

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