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Tax-Tutored Theologians - Part I

What is the cost of discipleship? It cost Joshua Davey $2,500 when he decided to declare a major in pastoral studies.

Can a Book Harm Religious Freedom?

The question has an almost obvious answer: Yes, a book can, given enough circulation and acceptance, harm religious freedom. Adolf Hitler's Mein Kampf,...

Religious Tests And Civil Society

In July of last year advertisements appeared in the newspapers of Rhode Island and Maine showing a courtroom door with a sign reading "Catholics Need Not Apply." The ads had been placed by an organization called the Committee for Justice (CFJ), which is l

Forbidding Passion

What is likely the most controversial movie of this year doesn't come with the usual suspects. It doesn't feature some searing inside look at crime or crackheads; it's not about kinky sex or twisted relationships. It's about a 2,000-year-old itinerant rab

Editorial - A Divine Imperative

They brought Jesus before the Roman Governor in the great judgment hall early Friday morning. Before the end of that same day Jesus would be nailed...

Scholarship And History

"To preserve freedom of conscience for all its citizens in matters of religious faith and belief, Washington's constitution limits the involvement of government. It limits both the ability to regulate religious activities and to fund religious activities.

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