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Darwin And the ID

We've got people pushing and shoving to be the plaintiff on this," announced Case Western Reserve University philosophy professor Patricia Princehouse...

Walking a Thin Line

Since September 11, 2001, President George W. Bush and the United States Congress have been sometimes frantically creating legislation that will make...

The Rest of the "Story"

I start by making it clear that I do not countenance any person's failing to comply with a lawful court order. Second, I do not believe that either...

Darwin’s Dictatorship

One hates to generalize, but you'd think that of all possible professions, scientists would be the group to keep an open mind. That's what you'd think....

Defender, Destroyer, or Just Plain Irrelevant?

The very mention of the U.N. is enough to bring extremes of emotion and opinion. For some, it's the epitome of wasteful bureaucracy. For others, it's a...

Negotiating for Religious Freedom

As the dispute about what happened on John Kerry's Swift boat more than 35 years ago filled the airwaves last summer, it was distressing that very few...

The Next Wave

The wave first appeared as a dark shadow on the horizon that separates open sky from the deep. As it came closer some noticed that water levels on the...

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