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Bound to Do Good

We welcome any sons of Adam who come in love among us and will not condemn, punish, banish, prosecute, or lay violent hands upon anyone, in whatever name,...

Religious Wars and Religious Freedom: A Troubled History

Although today Western society generally accepts that freedom of religious belief and expression is an innate human right, that position emerged only after centuries of religious intolerance and persecution, and centuries of interreligious hatred so extreme that it frequently resulted in wars of religion.


This particular global religious snowstorm might easily render constitutional snowplows ineffective.

Confessions of a Religious Fanatic

Words that depict religious faith at its highest ideal have been usurped by those who depict it at its lowest. And, unfortunately, but (thanks to folk such as Nidal Hasan) understandably, it

In the Name of Heaven: 3,000 Years of Religious Persecution

I am in the right, and you are in the wrong. When you are the stronger, you ought to tolerate me; for it is your duty to tolerate truth. But when I am the...

Keeping Up With the Jones

Sparks of religious controversy can be kindled from even the most everyday circumstances in the United States. One recent flash point was ignited by a...

Cross Purposes

Another Religious Display Case Comes Before the Supreme Court

The Hidden Danger of Conspiracy Theories

A problem with conspiracy theories is that they oversimplify world events in order to find a scapegoat.

Dialogue and Change

I am in Canterbury, England, at Canterbury Cathedral, home of the archbishop of Canterbury, head of the Anglican/Episcopal Church. I came to attend as an...

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