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Groundhog Day, Again

History for some is a matter of personal convenience, undisturbed by reality.

Revolution and Redemption

During an era when the British Empire had spread its influence to all corners of the globe, lining their pockets with wealth and ancient artifacts, it is perhaps comic retribution that one of Britain’s most enduring imperial-era legacies in Central America is what we remember from a bumbling English novelist and failed spy.

Devils and Spaghetti Gods

There’s a reason they say people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones; and the recent bombardment over the seven-foot statue of Baphomet that the satanists want to put up in the Oklahoma state capitol is one of them.

False Alarms

True liberty must protect both the right to freely adhere to religious tenets and the right to freely deny them.

The First Freedom

If God Himself, even at the cost of the cross, wouldn’t trample on our “religious” freedom, then how dare any human institutions, such as a government?

Security and Liberty

Why should American Muslims be the subject of secretive investigations and surveillance if their religious values and practices do not threaten American democratic values?

Ron Carelli and the Duplessis Affair

Jehovah’s Witnesses have been victims of persecution in many countries, Canada and the United States among them.

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