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The Awkward Silence

Assemblies were held every few weeks at Holliston School in Saskatoon. Once the students had gathered in the gym, they were told to stand for "O Canada"...

Soundoff…A Civil Right

To fit the meaning of the term, religious liberty must apply to all or it applies to none. It cannot be allowed just for Christians or any religious...

Disordered Liberty

Prior to my comments before the House Judiciary Committee (May 13, 1999) on the role of popular mass culture in producing youth alienation and school...

Defending the Sinai Ten

The Ten Commandments Defense Act Amendment was written in reaction to the Columbine High shootings last year. On June 17, 1999, the U.S. House of...

Religious Divide

Evangelist John Wayne "punkin" Brown picked up the three-foot yellow timber rattlesnake while delivering one of his raucous sermons in Alabama in 1998....

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