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Working For Freedom

Working For Freedom By James D. Standish The name Eric Liddell may have faded into obscurity, but at the 1924 Paris Olympic Games, Eric's name was...

Judicial Inconsistency

Professor Gottlieb, of Albany Law School, argues that inconsistency shows a lack of principle and that "a dose of principle would very significantly...

Student Clubs and Rights

Student Clubs and Rights By Michael D. Peabody The school's policy seemed clear enough—student clubs receiving funds through Utah Valley State...

By the People

By the People By Lincoln E. Steed At first I thought the interview on BBC Shortwave radio was with an official of then imploding Zimbabwe regime in...

It Didn’t Begin with Waco

It Didn't Begin with Waco By Carl H. Yeager The assault by federal agents on the Branch Davidians on February 28, 1993, wasn't the first time that...

Taking Liberty With Freedom

Taking Liberty With Freedom By Richard P. Moore Though September 11, 2001, will be remembered as the day that changed America, we shouldn't forget...

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