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The Freedom Matrix

Every morning the president starts his day in the Oval Office, surrounded by attorney general John Ashcroft, FBI director Robert Mueller, and CIA director George Tenet, reviewing the threat matrix.

Divided By Religion

As our jet descended rather noisily through thin cloud cover toward Ambon airport in the Maluku province of Indonesia, what we saw suggested a tropical paradise.

Is France Hostile to Religion?

After a rather short debate in the lower chamber of the French Parliament, the law banning symbols of religious affiliation in the public schools was adopted on February 10, 2004, with a majority of 494 votes to 36. Actually, the problem has a long histor

The Mind of the Supremes

How have the current justices decided establishment clause cases in the past? That should give us a good idea as to how the Court will rule in upcoming...

Davey v. Locke revisited ... Protecting or Punishing?

A $1,125 scholarship hardly seems worth the attention of constitutional scholars, high-priced appellate attorneys, and the Court of last resort. But that is exactly what happened when Washington Sate student Joshua Davey applied for the Washington Promise

Editorial - God, Country, and the Justices

In the public library with my children recently I spotted a DVD version of Gods and Generals. I've long had an interest in history—it was for a time...

The Haunting of Government Money

The United Methodist Children's Home (UMCH) in Georgia learned an important lesson the hard way; you never can tell when government money will come back...

I Think

As a citizen of the United States, the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks made me feel violated, insecure, and helpless. Ironically, some of the...

Keep Your Religion at Home

France clearly has a problem with its religious minorities. But is it a cultural, political, or social problem?

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