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Existential Threat

Religious liberty is that most precious commodity; but one that is the most easily skewed from conscience to privilege, to entitlement, to demand upon other.

Living for an Ideal

Nelson Mandela’s vision of history changed a nation and inspired a world.

That Wild Young Man

For All Those People Who Didn’t Know Nelson Mandela.

A Civil Right Tested - Part 1: Title Vll and Beyond

A centerpiece of civil rights legislation has proven to be enduringly powerful for religious freedom.

Faith and Security: The Role of Religion in a Police State

Giving up freedom for security carries a real risk for religious liberty.

Sing Me a Song of Freedom

The Seventh-day Adventist Church has been a forceful advocate of religious liberty in the United States since its inception nearly 150 years ago. In...

The Ideal and the Real

A nation founded by the persecuted has trouble avoiding sins of its own making.

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