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Iambs And Pentameters

By now, the shock waves are over. The Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) has been declared unconstitutional, and the "free exercise of religion" has...

Divided Loyalties?

Ever hear the one about the cowboy with multiple personalities? At sunset he rode off in all directions. So it is with the Religious Right. Or almost,...


In the century before Thomas Jefferson's birth, radical Baptist Roger Williams-responding to those who confused liberty with licentiousness-addressed the...

From Battleground to Commonground

In South Orangetown, New York, parents seemed hopelessly divided over Christmas in the local public school. As in hundreds of school districts, the...


"The structure of nature may eventually be such that our processes of thought do not correspond to it sufficiently to permit us to think about it at...

At Liberty

"The Religion Clauses of the Constitution represent a profound commitment to religious liberty." So said Justice Sandra Day O'Connor in her dissent to...

Of Kirpans and Jilbabs

Thanks (I Think) I am not a fan of yours-I consider Liberty magazine to be a bias misrepresentation of the truth and only occasionally read your magazine...

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