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Equality And Matrimony

One enters the fray of the same-sex marriage debate with trepidation. The principal parties in the debate are so polarized, and the stakes seemingly so...

Sex, Law And Politics

The debate about same-sex "marriage" is a quintessential example of competing values. In some ways it is almost a textbook example of the competition...

Canada’s Justice Minister Wants to Change the Constitutional Meaning of Marriage

On June 10, 2003, Chief Justice Roy McMurtry, of the Court of Appeal of Ontario, issued a judgment ordering the...

Teaching True Values

Perhaps it is not surprising that the classroom has become the battlefield of hot debate over public values. Schools, whether private or public, have...

Why Silence is Not an Option

Religious communities that view sexual relations outside of the traditional marriage of one man and one woman as immoral and a "sin" ought to prepare...

Behind Closed Doors

There are people who might argue that a discussion of the same-sex marriage issue does not belong in Liberty magazine–a journal devoted to the...

Civil Rights And Homosexual Rights - A Flawed Analogy

Advocates of the homosexual rights movement repeatedly draw an analogy between their own struggle and the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s,...

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