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Fire in the Streets

Hundreds Dead After Street Clashes in Cairo.” Headlines such as that are attention-grabbers. Not only is it shocking to hear of so many lives lost...

The Church Versus State Debate

We may not always succeed in winning the debate; but then, success is not our business. Being faithful--in both private and public--is.

Dinner with Friends

Highlights from the Eleventh Annual Religious Liberty Dinner.

More Than Any Day

Sunday Laws are symptomatic of the bigger question regarding the power of the state to enforce religious dogma.

“When Will We Overcome Religious Intolerance?”

America is an experiment in forming essential unity out of kaleidoscopic diversity. Whether it is a successful experiment remains to be answered.

Assessing the Secular Threat

Equal protection under American law is not only for persons holding to a religiously conservative worldview.

The State as Step-Parent

The protection of freedom of religion afforded by s. 2(a) of the [Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms] is broad and jealously guarded in our Charter jurisprudence.

Sao Paulo Has Its Day of Religious Freedom

A look at the Annual Religious Freedom Day in Sao Paolo, Brazil May 25, 2013.

A Lawless Law

It is when Muslims think and act like those who looted and burned the homes of Christians in Lahore that we are confronted with a blasphemy that must be condemned.

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