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Photo of Lincoln E. Steed

Lincoln E. Steed

Editor, Liberty Magazine

Lincoln E. Steed is the editor of Liberty magazine, a 200,000 circulation religious liberty journal which is distributed to political leaders, judiciary, lawyers and other thought leaders in North America. He is additionally the host of the weekly 3ABN television show "The Liberty Insider," and the radio program "Lifequest Liberty."

Hands Off! Religious Liberty Furor Over Birth Control

March 08 2012

Under new health-care insurance requirements, church-run hospitals might be required to provide employees with insurance coverage for contraception! Roman Catholic hospitals were objecting that this denied their rights of religious freedom.

Extraordinary Times Produce Extraordinary Measures

December 06 2011

A few years ago I heard the U.S. General then in charge of Northern Command—all armed forces in the U.S.—detail how they proposed to deal with terrorist operation within the United States. He seemed a reasonable and pleasant gentleman, but what he outlined was horrific. He described plans to deploy military forces of any necessary size within the country to hunt down terrorists. Even allowing for the lingering paranoia after 9/11, it was a haunting idea.

Adventist Church President Interviewed for Liberty

July 22 2010

A few days ago I sat down with Dr. Ted Wilson, the newly elected world president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

All in the Language?

July 22 2010

Troubling use of term "Freedom of worship."

Big Day Coming

January 21 2010

Regular Liberty supporters/readers know that we pretty much have to reinvent ourselves financially every year. The week of Jan 23 is a key moment to show your support.

Let the Blogs Begin. The place you can take Liberties.

September 16 2009

A new website and a new blog for Liberty. The print version of Liberty should be needed as long as there is paper. After all, our target readership--public officials and an array of thought leaders--is best served by putting a product in front of them. And many may not even think to check "the Google" for the information we supply. That said--welcome to this adjunct to Liberty. It may take a while for the word to get out that you can take us on here--but have at it!

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