Lincoln E. Steed

Lincoln E. Steed is the editor of Liberty magazine, a 200,000 circulation religious liberty journal which is distributed to political leaders, judiciary, lawyers and other thought leaders in North America. He is additionally the host of the weekly 3ABN television show "The Liberty Insider," and the radio program "Lifequest Liberty."

A Small Gap

The Darkness Drops Again

The Temple of Liberty

But What About Religious Freedom?

Peace, Be Still

Theoretical Freedoms

The Masque


The Kingdom

The Commodity Market

Guys and Dolls

Stare Decisis Revisited

In Search of Excep­tion­alism

Absent Angels

Moral Outrage

Against All Disaster

The Sound of Rain

The Face of Liberty

The Greatest of These

Roland’s Red Pencil

The Ceremony of Innocence

The State of the Union

The Last Crusade

Future Shock

From a Distance

As the World Turns

Meanwhile Back on Planet Earth

Cause and Effect

Back to the Future

No King But Jesus

Re-Up the Contract

May Our Tribe Increase

The King of Plains

Justice and the Law

Wars and Rumors

Behold the Man

If My People

Liberty Sentinels and Monuments To Freedom

A Time of Fire

Groundhog Day, Again

Bad Faith

Beginning of the End

Off With Their Heads

Getting That Old-Time Religion

Existential Threat

Beyond the 10/40 Window

Fire in the Streets

Not It At All

Civil and Religious Rights

No Country For Old Men

Looking Ahead

Earth and Sky

A Nation Committed to Religious Freedom

An Act of Faith

Democracy Wall

Two Different Worlds

Showing The Flag

Hands Off!

Hands Off!

Freedom and Other Words

The Story of a Life

Blink, Blink, Gone

Peace At Any Price

Global Warning

Beware When All Speak Well of You

Integral History

Kingdom Time

Leading for Freedom

Talk of Many Things

At Least We Have Prayer

Faith in World’s Newest State

As to War


Bull in the China Shop

Liberty for All

Gods and Generals

A Matter of History

Oh Columbus

Not A Pretty Picture

Change You Can Believe In

Very Public Prayers

The Summum of All Fears

Changing Times

Something Borrowed, Somthing Blue

All Our Children

A New Look For Liberty

The Man on the White Horse!

The Dinosaur of Fundamentalism

The Point of Vanishing Interest

Faith Talk

Matters of Faith

Freedom Wings

The True Believer

Much Ado About Something

Round Table For Religion

Tempting Fate

Present Christ

The Tragic Flaw

The Ten Commandments Code

Then God…

Freedom and Tolerance

Robert’s Rules

Coming up for Air


After the Tsunami

Holy Men

Critical Mass

Finding Sinai

The Next Wave

Moral Values

Faith in Politics

Behind Closed Doors

A Chaplain to the Senate

Editorial - God, Country, and the Justices

Divided By Religion

Editorial - A Divine Imperative

Written In The Heart

Editorial - Executive Summary

Editorial - Access Denied

Liberty Celebrated on Capitol Hill

Editorial - Body and Spirit

Editorial-Religious Wars


Editorial - Just War

Editorial - For Such a Time as This


By the People

Tis the Season

Winds of Change

Keep the Faith, Liberty!

In Their Own Words - Editorial

Original Intent - Editorial

Exorcizing Charitable Choice - Editorial

Convergence and Conflict